Mom Abandons Toddler In Hot Car For Hours, Cop Works ‘Miracle’

In Florida, a shocking incident unfolded when a 3-year-old girl was left abandoned in a hot car for over 12 hours by her own mother after a trip to a liquor store. The child was found near death by Seminole County Sheriff's Deputy Bill Dunn, who worked tirelessly to save her life. The entire rescue was captured on video.

Casey Dyan Keller drove her three children to a liquor store one Saturday night and unintentionally left her toddler in the car when they returned home late. It wasn't until late Sunday morning that Keller realized her youngest child was missing from the apartment. Panicked, she called 911 for help.

Deputy Dunn quickly responded to the call and discovered the child in the car, unresponsive and trapped in the heat with all the windows rolled up. Despite his initial belief that the girl had already succumbed, he refused to give up and sprang into action. He carried the lifeless child to his police cruiser, turned on the air conditioner, and hoped for a miracle.

The deputy's efforts paid off as the little girl began showing signs of life within minutes. Feeling her heart racing and seeing her eyes move, he knew he had to get her to the hospital immediately. With no time to wait for an ambulance, Deputy Dunn made the critical decision to transport her himself, driving with lights and sirens blazing while comforting and encouraging the child along the way.

Upon arriving at Central Florida Regional Hospital, the deputy handed the girl over to the medical staff and left, knowing he had done everything in his power to save her life. Emotionally and physically exhausted, he slumped over his cruiser, reflecting on the harrowing experience.

Later that evening, Deputy Dunn received the news that the girl was able to walk and talk. She had defied the odds and fought through the ordeal, proving herself to be a true fighter. Casey Keller initially claimed her car was stolen with her daughter inside, but an investigation revealed the truth of her negligence.

Keller pleaded no contest to felony child neglect, which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a hefty fine. Meanwhile, the resilient little girl had a happy ending as she was reunited with Deputy Dunn, who saved her life. The sheriff's department shared their heartwarming reunion on social media, emphasizing the importance of the deputy's heroic actions.

The child is now safe from harm and resides with her father. Though he humbly denies being a hero, Deputy Dunn believes moments like these make all the difficult experiences he faces as a law enforcement officer worthwhile. The story serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of leaving children unattended in vehicles and the incredible impact that quick thinking and compassion can have in saving lives.

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