Dead Carjacker’s Mom Says He’s Not A Criminal Because Of Cop’s Crash!

This article discusses the story of Dion Taylor, a 20-year-old man who was killed during a car chase after he and two other individuals, 16-year-old Taron Donta Kelly and an unnamed suspect, carried out an armed carjacking. The trio led police on a deadly chase after refusing to stop, prompting an officer to accidentally crash into Taylor. The officer involved in the accident was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the alleged wrongdoing.

Despite being armed and carrying out an armed carjacking, Taylor's mother, Teisha Cook, believes that her son was not a criminal and was unjustly killed after being run over by the pursuing officer. She believes that the officer purposely mowed her son down and claims that his actions do not justify the behavior of her son and his accomplices. However, Baltimore County police refute Cook's claims and state that the officer did not intentionally crash into Taylor. They confirmed that an investigation shows that the officer accidentally collided with the fleeing suspect due to Taylor's action.

In the end, one of the suspects was charged as an adult with armed robbery, armed carjacking, theft of a motor vehicle, possession of a firearm, and minor possession of a handgun. A third suspect remains at large.

The article concludes by mentioning that it is tragic when a mother loses her son, regardless of what he has done or the lifestyle he has led. While we can sympathize with her grief and anger, it is important to remember that each individual is responsible for the decisions they make and the consequences that follow. It is crucial to take responsibility and accountability for our actions in life, no matter the situation.

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