Woman Asks To Use Veteran’s Bathroom, Camera Catches Her Bad Intent

Surveillance footage captured a woman stealing money from the wallet of a 94-year-old Navy veteran, Thomas Hendrix, in his own home. Hendrix was showing a family around his house when the woman asked to use the restroom and stayed behind. The security camera recorded her counting cash and taking some of it.

The theft was discovered by Neil DeLoach, Hendrix's caretaker, who checked the surveillance footage after having an uneasy feeling about the visitors. The incident gained national attention, and the suspect, Heather Weldon, identified herself on Facebook and claimed it was all a misunderstanding. However, social media users were skeptical of her excuse and expressed anger towards her actions.

The presence of the security camera proved crucial in exposing Weldon's crime. People condemned her for taking advantage of an elderly veteran's kindness and questioned the motives of her husband and children, who were also present during the incident. Many called for justice and hoped that she would face consequences for her actions.

Thomas Hendrix's story serves as a reminder that even acts of kindness can have unfortunate consequences, and it emphasizes the importance of vigilance and security measures to protect vulnerable individuals from opportunistic criminals. Thanks to the surveillance footage, Weldon's true intentions were revealed, and the nation became aware of her crimes against the elderly veteran.

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