Naruto: There are 5 treasures left in Konoha


Uchiha Fan: The Uchiha fan symbolizes the Uchiha clan and is owned by their leader. Madara Uchiha used it in battle against Hashirama Senju, and it can deflect Naruto's tailed beast ball. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, its whereabouts are unknown, but it is thought to be hidden in Konoha's treasury. 

Crystal Ball: Hiruzen Sarutobi possessed a crystal ball that surpassed the power of the Byakugan. After Hiruzen's death, the crystal ball disappeared. If Jiraiya were alive, he would have wanted to inherit it for covert information gathering. 

Forbidden Technique Scroll: Tobirama Senju created forbidden jutsu and documented them in the Forbidden Technique Scroll.


Naruto stole it but it never reappeared. The location and rightful owner of this scroll remain unknown. 

Hashirama's Scroll: Hashirama Senju carried a powerful scroll with various weapons. After his death, it vanished and was not seen during his revival.

Nine-Tails: The Nine-Tails has belonged to Konoha since the First Hokage. Naruto became its jinchuriki and can control its power. After Naruto, Boruto Uzumaki may inherit this power.