Naruto: Danzo's 5 strongest subordinates


1. Uchiha Shisui: Danzo Shimura exploited Uchiha Shisui's potential and stole his Sharingan, leading to Shisui's tragic suicide. 

2. Kakashi Hatake: Guidance from Minato Namikaze saved Kakashi from complete darkness and made him a potential major antagonist. 

3. Yamato: Experimented on by Orochimaru, Yamato gained Hashirama Senju's cells and impressive Wood Release ability. Recognizing his potential, Danzo kept him in the "Root" organization but missed the chance to fully utilize his exceptional abilities. 

4. Yakushi Kabuto: Kabuto, an orphan adopted by Orochimaru and later Danzo, surpassed his mentors in strength, reaching a level surpassing that of a Kage. 

5. Uchiha Itachi: Itachi, a prodigious Uchiha Clan member, became a "double agent" for both his clan and Konoha under Danzo's coercion. Sadly, Itachi's abilities comparable to a Kage were cut short by illness.