Naruto: Sakura gave up 4 treasures in order to marry Sasuke

1. Lack of Friendship Appreciation: Sakura's disregard for friendship is evident in her abandonment of childhood friend Ino and letting her teammate Naruto go after Sasuke. This portrayal showcases Naruto's loyalty and emphasizes Sakura's tendency to take her friends for granted.

2. Significance of Master-disciple Relationship: Sakura's relationships with her mentors Kakashi and Tsunade hold importance. Kakashi's willingness to sacrifice himself for Sakura during the mission to retrieve Sasuke reveals her self-centeredness. Naruto's intervention shows Sakura's prioritization of her desires above her teammates' well-being.

3. Diminished Role as a Female Protagonist: Sakura's role diminishes in Naruto Shippuden, allowing Hinata to take a more prominent position. Had Sakura been the main female protagonist, she could have played a more significant role in the battle against Pain and protected Naruto.

4. Compromised Dignity: Pursuing Sasuke compromises Sakura's dignity as she becomes dependent on him and sacrifices her own dreams.