No-Bake Greek Yogurt Tart!

Would you look at that beauty? This easy tart recipe comes from my friend ’s new cookbook, , and I think you should make it for Mother’s Day.

Her recipe is brilliant—the base is made simply with Medjool dates and pecans. It’s like a Larabar in crust form! After a 10-minute freeze, she spreads Greek yogurt and fresh fruit on top. I’m not a fancy baker, so if I can make this tart, I’m confident that you can, too.

Ali is known for her creative spiralized recipes (think zucchini noodles), and her newest book branches out by offering fun ways to “spiralize, chop, rice and mash” your vegetables into creative meals.

I’m excited to try out her apple French toast (made with apple slices instead of toast), sweet potato skin nachos, hearts of palm “ceviche,” Mediterranean zucchini pasta salad, portobello bulgogi bowls and more. The book isn’t vegetarian, but she devoted an entire chapter to vegetarian mains and I love that!

Keep in mind that this tart doesn’t yield a fancy baked French tart. It’s an easy no-bake situation with a Larabar-like crust, and it offers a lot of redeeming protein and fiber. Ali describes it as a yogurt bowl that has been transformed into a party-worthy recipe, which is exactly what it is.

Do be careful when you’re slicing the tart, since the dough is delicate. For the best presentation factor, I’d actually wait and top individual slices with berries and honey, or opt for Ali’s single-serving ramekin option (see recipe note). The recipe holds up at room temperature for a while, but if possible, I’d store it in the refrigerator until serving.

Greek Yogurt Tart Tips

Ali’s recipe calls for blueberries and strawberries, but I found the most gorgeous raspberries at the store and decided they would be more appropriate for Mother’s Day. Definitely keep this recipe in mind for Independence Day (use blueberries) or Valentine’s Day (stick with raspberries).

You could top this tart with so many other fruits, too—I want to try it with ripe summer peaches, and I know it’s great with defrosted tart cherries on top.

You’ll need a (or 6 ramekins for individual servings) to make this recipe. Do not attempt this recipe with a tart pan that does not have a removable bottom!

My Notes

Ali’s recipe calls for nonfat Greek yogurt. I used Siggi’s brand of yogurt, which is similar but even thicker than Greek yogurt. I recommend using Siggi’s if you can find it.

I couldn’t help but tinker with her recipe a tiny bit. I added some salt to the crust to make it even more irresistible. For these photos, I tried toasting the pecans first (cook in a large skillet over medium heat until fragrant, stirring often, about 5 minutes). Toasting them definitely brought out more pecan flavor, so you might want to do that as well.

That said, the second time I made the tart (shown here in photos), the pecans released a lot of oil and the dough was more delicate and difficult to manage. I’m not sure if that was due to the toasting, or the fact that I over-processed the dough somewhat. To be safe, be sure not to overdo the toasting or processing.

Please check out Ali’s book when you get the chance, and let me us know how your tart turns out in the comments! Your feedback is always appreciated. ♥

No-Bake Greek Yogurt Tart

Author: Cookie and Kate Prep Time: 30 minutes Total Time: 30 minutes Yield: 6 servings 1x Category: Dessert Method: No-bake Cuisine: American

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This no-bake Greek yogurt tart recipe looks impressive, but it’s very easy to make and nutritious, too! I topped mine with raspberries and strawberries, but use any fresh fruit you’d like. Recipe yields one 9-inch tart (6 slices).


2 cups raw pecans 10 Medjool dates, soaked in warm water for 10 minutes and pitted ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt 1 ½ cups plain Greek yogurt ½ cup raspberries or blueberries (or more—I went ahead and used an entire 6-ounce container) 4 strawberries, hulled and thinly sliced 2 tablespoons honey


Make the crust: In a food processor, pulse the pecans until ground into a semi-fine meal. Add the dates and pulse until the mixture holds together when pinched and starts to look like dough (don’t overdo it like I did in the photos).Press the dough into a 9 to 9 ½-inch tart pan with a removable bottom to form an even crust along the base and sides. Chill in the freezer for 10 minutes.Make the filling: Remove the crust from the freezer. Carefully remove the tart from the pan (leave it resting on the round base) and slide it onto a round serving platter. Spread the yogurt over the crust. Top the yogurt with the raspberries and strawberries, then drizzle with honey.To serve, slice the tart with a sharp knife, wiping off the blade after each cut. Use a thin pie server or spatula to serve.

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