Man Quickly Finds Out He Spit In The Wrong Subway Rider’s Face

A video of a subway altercation has gone viral, showing a man spitting on another subway rider. The incident took place at 34th Street in Manhattan, where the subway spitter spat in the face of his victim twice. Thinking he was safe as the doors closed, he remained on the platform, unaware of what would happen next.

To his surprise, the victim managed to pry open the train doors and launched a furious attack on the subway spitter. Fists flew as the victim pummeled his attacker, leaving him unconscious. Onlookers attempted to intervene, but the cameraman encouraged the beating to continue, citing the spitter's actions as justification.

The video emphasizes that spitting on someone is considered assault and can provoke a violent reaction. While beating someone unconscious is not an appropriate response, the victim's anger likely got the best of him. Spitting is viewed as a cowardly and disgusting act, especially when the attacker believes they won't face consequences due to closing subway doors.

The article highlights the importance of considering the consequences before engaging in such behavior. Spitting may not warrant a severe physical retaliation, but it is likely to elicit a strong response. It advises against underestimating one's intended victim or relying on barriers like closing train doors for protection.

Ultimately, the video serves as a cautionary tale and suggests that walking away from a confrontation is often the better choice. The subway spitter received a harsh lesson and is likely to think twice before ever engaging in such behavior again.

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