Naruto: 5 people with the weakest taijutsu


1. Nagato, also known as Pain, has the Rinnegan and powerful ninjutsu abilities. However, due to being disabled, he relies on the Six Paths of Pain for the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

2. Gaara can control sand, granting him a strong long-range attack advantage. However, his physical combat skills are weak, rated at only 4/10. He relies on "absolute defense" and manipulating sand for battle, lacking proficiency in martial arts.

3. Shikamaru Nara is a strategist who relies on his intellect. His ninjutsu and physical combat skills are weak, rated at 3-4/10. He uses the Shadow Possession Jutsu for long-distance combat. 

4. Sasori of the Red Sand is a puppet master. He becomes weaker without puppets and depends heavily on them. 

5. Deidara uses explosive clay in battle. Like Gaara, he lacks physical combat skills and is easily defeated in close combat. His physical abilities are estimated to be average.