Naruto: The protagonist's blackened appearance


1. Naruto's Darkness: Naruto, the protagonist, is saved from darkness by his mentor Iruka. In a photo, Naruto joins the evil organization Akatsuki, becoming powerful and radiating evil.

2. Sakura's Betrayal: Sakura almost betrays her village with Sasuke but is stopped. The photo shows Sakura with Orochimaru's curse seal, transforming into a powerful cursed form.

3. Tsunade's Misery: Tsunade loses loved ones and if she turned evil, it would be tragic. The photo shows her as one of Pain's six paths.

4. Hinata's Transformation: Hinata turning evil would be a shock. The photo portrays her with Orochimaru's curse seal and attire from the Sound Village, making her even more attractive.

5. Evil Jiraiya: Jiraiya's death leaves fans in tears, but what if he had turned evil? The photo depicts an evil form of Jiraiya, almost reaching a god-like level.