Seven Dragon Ball: Sun Wukong's Most Embarrassing Four Times


1. Childhood Commitment to Chichi As a child, Sun Wukong engaged in intimate acts with Chichi, not understanding their implications. Chichi, infatuated with him, asked him to marry her when they grow up. This created an awkward atmosphere, highlighting the importance of teaching boundaries to children.

2. Oblivion of Marriage Sun Wukong forgot his promise to marry Chichi as he grew up, leading to an uncomfortable situation when Chichi continued to hold onto their promise. It raises questions about the birth of their son, Gohan, and serves as a reminder to honor commitments.

3. Using Bulma as a Bargaining Chip Sun Wukong embarrassed himself by proposing to exchange Bulma's photo for the Old Kai's, in front of Vegeta.


This audacious move upset Vegeta, who questioned why Sun Wukong didn't use his own wife, Chichi. This incident shows the importance of considering others' feelings.

4. Teleporting to Bulma's Bedroom Sun Wukong's teleportation ability malfunctioned, leading him to unexpectedly appear in Bulma's bedroom. Encountering her after a shower, Bulma's scream brought Vegeta into the room, creating an awkward situation. This incident serves as a reminder to be mindful of personal boundaries. While Sun Wukong may not feel embarrassed by these incidents due to his innocence, it's better not to imitate his actions.