Dragon Ball: What kind of dragons have appeared?


1. Generation 1 Earth Shenron: This Shenron was the first to appear in the anime, created by Earth's first gods and modeled by Puar. It could grant one wish and revive multiple people simultaneously. After granting a wish, it turned into stone and scattered across the world, with a usage cycle of one year.

2. Namekian Shenron: Created by the Grand Elder of Namek, this Shenron had a different appearance than Earth's Shenron. Resembling Western dragons, it could grant three wishes but only revive one person at a time. 

3. Generation 2 Earth Shenron: Created by Dende, the new God of Earth, this Shenron looked identical to the first generation but possessed stronger abilities.


It could grant three wishes and revive multiple people at once, at the cost of one wish per additional revival. 

4. Black Star Shenron: This red-shaded Shenron was created before the separation of Kami and King Piccolo. It resembled Earth's Shenron but had black stars on its Dragon Balls. If the Dragon Balls were not collected within a year, the planet would be destroyed. 

5. Super Shenron: The most powerful Shenron in "Dragon Ball Super," created by the Dragon God Zalama. Its Dragon Balls were the size of a planet, and it had a usage cycle of one year.