Dragon Ball: Character whose image has collapsed


Frieza: The Downfall of Character Design 

1. Illogical Power-Up: In Dragon Ball Super, Frieza's sudden surge in power within four months, surpassing even Super Saiyan God levels, confounds viewers and diminishes his original charisma. 

2. Forced Redemption: Frieza's forced redemption in Dragon Ball Super, becoming part of Universe 7's team and assisting in defeating Jiren, contradicts his original persona and undermines his unique characteristics.

Chi-Chi: The Downfall of Character Design

1. Personality Transformation: Chi-Chi's inexplicable personality shift in Dragon Ball Super from a gentle and supportive wife to an irritable and nagging character is confusing and diminishes her allure.



2. Forced Villainization: Unfairly portrayed as a burden on Universe 7's team, Chi-Chi's antagonistic portrayal contradicts her caring nature, hindering Gohan's and Goten's growth and family bonds.

Gohan: The Downfall of Character Design

1. Loss of Powers: Gohan's inexplicable loss and difficulty in transforming in Dragon Ball Super detract from his original appeal and uniqueness. 

2. Forced Weakening: Gohan's unjust weakening in Dragon Ball Super, becoming a mere pawn and being defeated by the weakest warrior from Universe 11, undermines his character and distinctive traits.

Son Goku: The Downfall of Character Design 


1. Drastic Personality Change: Goku's inexplicable transformation in Dragon Ball Super from an optimistic and adventurous character to a foolish and self-centered individual focused solely on combat dilutes his original charm. 

2. Forced Villainization: Goku's forced turn into the main antagonist of the Tournament of Power strains his relationships with Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten, and Krillin, and nearly leads to the eradication of Universe 7, stripping him of his defining traits and charisma.