Dragon Ball: Things Most People Know


1. Tail Obstruction: The assistant who drew manga found tails obstructive to drawing, resulting in the plotline of tail cutting. This explains why characters like Goten and Trunks were born without tails. 

2. Puar's Daughter: Puar, a character from Dragon Ball, was originally intended to be Son Goku's first formidable opponent. However, this role was later given to Puar's mechanical version in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. 

3. Vegeta's Brother: Vegeta and his brother Tarble's names together sound like "vegetable" in English, reflecting the vegetable-themed naming convention for Saiyans in Dragon Ball.



4. Saiyan Names: Saiyans in Dragon Ball are all named after vegetables. For example, Kakarot (Son Goku) means "carrot" in English, Raditz means "radish," and Bardock means "burdock." 5. Lowest Power Level: Contrary to popular belief, the lowest power level in Dragon Ball is not 5. The character with the lowest known power level in the original work is Master Roshi's turtle, with a power level of only 0.003. 

6. Super Saiyans and the Spirit Bomb: Super Saiyans, who are considered evil when they transform, cannot gather energy to use the Spirit Bomb. However, Son Goku eventually overcomes this obstacle and is able to create a Spirit Bomb even in his Super Saiyan state.