Which characters in Dragon Ball: are they based on?


Bruce Lee inspired two characters in Dragon Ball: one was Krillin's opponent in the World Martial Arts Tournament, and the other was a street fighter in West City. Both characters were ultimately defeated by the main protagonist, Krillin in the tournament and Son Goku in West City. 

Turtle Hermit, who resembled a young Jackie Chan, also competed in the tournament under the name "Jackie Chun". Dr. Gero, known as the smartest character in the series, was based on Albert Einstein. 

Son Goku, the protagonist, drew inspiration from the Monkey King character in "Journey to the West", sharing traits like riding a cloud and wielding a magical staff.


Tien Shinhan, resembling Yang Jian, also possesses a third eye, while accompanied by a child named Chiaotzu instead of a dog like Xiao Tianquan. 

Oolong's character is based on Zhu Bajie, commonly known as Pigsy. Surprisingly, Krillin's inspiration comes from a snail, evident in the antennae on his head.