Naruto: The 5 Most Informative Lines


1. Jiraiya and Orochimaru's Broken Bond: Jiraiya's statement, "We are no longer comrades," carries significant meaning as it signifies the end of a deep bond between the two characters. 

2. Passing on Power: In "The Death of Naruto," Shion tells Naruto to "Pass on this power to the next shrine maiden," implying that Naruto needs to bear a child and pass on his power. What power is being referred to and how does it affect Naruto and Shion? 

3. Naruto and the Giant Larva: While taking a bath with fellow Leaf Shinobi, Naruto exclaims, "There is a giant larva." This comment holds meaning as it refers to Shino's combat skills with insects.


What type of larvae is Naruto referring to? 

4. Sasuke's Anger and the Hidden Item: In an original anime scene, Sasuke angrily tells Naruto to "Put it away" while their hands are stuck together. What is Sasuke angry about and what does he want Naruto to put away?

5. The Mystery of Two and a Half Minutes: In "Boruto," Sakura and Ino visit a place where Sakura and Sasuke used to have dates. Sakura says, "It's just a short two and a half minutes." What significance does this time hold and what did Sakura and Ino do during that duration?