Dragon Ball: Comparison between copycat version and genuine COS!


18: 18 is a beautiful character in Dragon Ball, who is skilled in fighting. However, it is a shame that she ended up marrying Krillin. The original version of Cosplaying 18 looks really good, while the counterfeit version is not that great. 

Vegeta: Vegeta is a male character who started as a villain but later became Goku's teammate. The difference between the original and the counterfeit versions of Vegeta's cosplay is significant. The original version looks almost perfect, while the counterfeit version is hard to look at. 

Piccolo: Piccolo is the son of Demon King Piccolo and becomes a valuable teammate for Goku.


The difference between the two versions of Piccolo's cosplay is huge. The counterfeit version looks unpleasant, like someone wearing green stockings on their head, while the original version has more detailed props. 

Trunks: Trunks is a handsome male character that many girls adore. The original version of Trunks' cosplay successfully recreates his childhood appearance, which is impressive. However, the counterfeit version's wig looks strange.