Dragon Ball: Star Edition Dragon Ball


Dragon Ball is being reimagined with famous actors in the lead roles. First, Jackie Chan will portray Son Goku, the main character of Dragon Ball. Although Jackie Chan is getting older and can no longer perform action roles, his personal achievements cannot be surpassed. While his face may not match perfectly, his muscular physique and flowing hair suit the role well. 

Next, Li Lianjie will play Vegeta, Goku's rival turned friend. Li Lianjie, also known as Jet Li, is a renowned action actor known for his amazing performances. With his unique hairstyle and lightweight combat outfit, Li Lianjie's portrayal of Vegeta will surely impress viewers.


Additionally, seeing Jackie Chan and Li Lianjie fight each other is an anticipated moment, as they had a memorable fight in the movie "The King of Kung Fu". 

Scarlett Johansson, known for her role as Black Widow, will portray the beautiful and ageless Android 18. Being a successful actress, Scarlett Johansson's beauty and charm fit perfectly for this character. 

Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his role in "Titanic," will play Trunks, Vegeta and Bulma's son. DiCaprio's handsome appearance during his peak period matches the futuristic warrior image of Trunks.

Lastly, Shaolin boy Xie Miao will portray the young Son Gohan, trained by Piccolo. Xie Miao's impressive performances as a child actor in various movies make him a perfect fit to portray young Gohan.