Naruto: Do you know the height of the kunoichi?


1. Hinata: Known as the beauty of Konoha, Hinata's height might surprise some fans. In Naruto Shippuden, she stands at a mere 160 cm, which is quite average. Her figure is outstanding, but her height doesn't match the expectations of many Naruto fans. 

2. Temari: The "Village Flower" of Sunagakure, Temari is not only beautiful but also has an ideal figure. Standing at 165 cm, she even surpasses the girls from Konoha's Twelve Guardian Ninja. Temari's height makes her truly remarkable. 

3. Samui: Samui from the Village Hidden in the Clouds made a strong impression on Naruto fans with her figure. Standing at 168 cm, she is even taller than Hinata and Tsunade.


This is one of the reasons why Samui is so beloved by fans. 

4. Konan: As the goddess of the Akatsuki organization, Konan's height is worth noting. Coming in at 169.4 cm, she is just shy of being a 1.7-meter tall girl. Sadly, Konan met her end at the hands of Tobi, leaving a void in the ninja world. 

5. Karin: Karin stands tall as the tallest kunoichi in the Naruto series. At 174 cm, she possesses the "longest legs" in the ninja world. Despite her height and beauty, Karin remains unmarried, leaving many to envy her stature.