American athlete COS "Seven Dragon Balls", Vegeta, this muscle power is restored


The famous work "Seven Dragon Balls" by the great god of the bird mountain, Ming Ming, has a strong influence. Although it has been completed for many years, there are still many derivative works appearing so far, such as the theatrical version released recently.

Speaking of the COS of 'Seven Dragon Ball', apart from a few beautiful women, the COS of several super Saiyan protagonists is very strict about their body shape.

Recently, athlete COSER from the United States: loganchitwoodIt brought the Saiyan Prince Begita COS, and the muscle mass was greatly reduced by just pointing it. Let's take a look together~Loganchitood is a baseball player from the United States who also insists on fitness and occasionally has COS.

Among them, there are also some relatively restored ones, such as Bejita and the character Yojiro van Maru in "Blade Teeth". Very similar